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    How do I bring my rifles into South Africa?

    You will be required to fill out a SAP 520 – Temporary Import Application form on arrival at Customs. We suggest however that you fill this form out before your arrival - we can email it to you on request with the instructions. In addition to the above you will need your passport, return airline ticket and proof of ownership of the firearm/s. For USA Citizens, an officially stamped Customs Declaration Form 4457 will be acceptable. You will also need documentation from an official government institution giving you permission to temporarily export your firearm/s. You will need a letter of invitation from ourselves which we will provide and a motivation letter from yourself.

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    What time will I go hunting?

    During the winter months which are from the end of May through to August you will be woken up at 6am, eat at 6:30am and then leave at 7am. During the months of March, April, September, October and November one can expect to be woken up at 5:30am, eat at 6am and then leave for your hunt at 6:30am.

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    Where will I be hunting?

    You will be hunting on a number of ranches. We have over a million (1,000,000) acres of privately owned hunting land with the best quality animals in the country.

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    How much ammunition is enough?

    We recommend about 80-100 rounds per rifle.

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    How far are the average shots?

    The average shots range between 200 - 300 yards.

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    How do I get my trophies default?

    We will provide you with reliable references to look after and ship your trophies default.

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    What medical precautions should I take?

    All hunting is done in malaria free areas. Mosquito and tick repelant is recommended as well as a personal first aid kit.

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    What electric current does South Africa have?

    SA uses 220 VOLTS, if you want to make use of personal electronic equipment, please bring your own adaptors. These can be purchased at all major international airports.

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